Star Wars: Bloodlines


Roleplay and action in the Star Wars universe


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Star Wars: Bloodlines is a traditional RPG in the vein of Super Nintendo classics like Zelda A Link to the Past, which also borrows elements from classic Yoda Stories, to create a completely new game with a storyline that fits perfectly into the Star Wars tradition.

The gameplay includes all the traditional elements commonly found in the genre: a dialogue system allowing us to speak with characters from Star Wars, an inventory to store everything from laser guns to RD2D himself, and a battle system to fight the Imperial forces.

Besides Luke Skywalker, who is the protagonist in the main quest, you also control characters like Han Solo and Leia, who help out in different parts of the game, and provide special advantages during the combat.

Star Wars: Bloodlines is a fun RPG, which despite having a somewhat convoluted storyline, contains enough interesting elements to engage any true Star Wars lover. This is a real treat for all those Star Wars fans out there.
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